Garage Doors Maple Ridge

Garage doors come in many different colors and designs. There are certain focal points on the home that easily draw focus and these doors are one of them. We offer the best garage doors service in Maple Ridge, BC and we are very proud of the fact we always leave our customers happy with the work we provided. We offer quality garage doors repair faster and more efficiently than any of our competitors in the area.

Broken Spring Repair SpecialistsGarage Doors Maple ridge

We are the broken spring repair specialists in our area. Our experts can replace, repair or install both extension springs and the torsion spring with precision. You should always enlist a professional with springs experience to provide services on these items. In this case safety is just as important as quality. These items can be tricky, but our experts have the skills to do the job right.

We Service Garage Door Cables Too

Our crew will also provide garage door cable repair at reasonable rates. If your cables have snapped or simply slipped off the drum we can resolve the issue in a jiffy. These parts are designed to operate through a specific set of rotations. Once they have completed these rotations wear and tear can catch up to them quickly causing them to break. Other parts can go bad as well which allows these cables to fall off the drum. We can replace them or put them back on in no time. Garage Door Repair Maple Ridge will not let you down.
If someone accidentally backs into your garage door it does not necessarily indicate that the entire door will need to be replaced. We can replace garage door panel in many cases for quite a bit less. At Maple Ridge Garage Door Repair we carry the best garage door repair parts for our customers. We are always up to the challenge.