Garage Door Maintenance

Maple Ridge residents can trust our garage door maintenance service. All technicians in our team are thorough and specialists in residential doors. We actually maintain all types of home doors and openers available in British Columbia. The point of maintenance is to prevent problems and that’s the reason why we meticulously check each part of the system and fix the door. From adjustments to lubrication, you can expect exceptional work done by our team at Garage Door Repair Maple Ridge, BC.Garage Door Maintenance Maple Ridge

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Prevention of problems, inconveniences and accidents is the main goal of our garage door maintenance Maple Ridge service. That’s why we follow a specific procedure, but never overlook specific problems and special features of each door. Here is a small idea of what we do:

* The door is inspected thoroughly so that we can check its condition and whether there is need to emphasize on particular components or issues

* If there are already problems with the performance, we carry on with garage door troubleshooting in order to identify which parts cause the issues

* All fasteners are tightened and parts are aligned so that the door will be balanced and perform safely

* Steel parts are cleaned and lubricated so that they’ll move smoothly

* The opener and its parts are checked thoroughly and we make the right adjustments

* We check, test, repair and maintain the sensors

Prevent with our garage door maintenance service

From ensuring the door closes and opens all the way to making sure the reverse mechanism can protect you, we do what’s necessary in order to maintain the door properly. Every step is extremely important. You can trust our garage door adjustment, repair and overall maintenance service, and be certain that you will be informed if some parts are ruined and new ones must be installed.

With our Maple Ridge garage door maintenance service, we ensure your safety and excellent performance of your door. We also guarantee longevity and fewer problems in the future. Schedule with us today!