About Us

about usWe live in the age of great variety and exquisite designs and garage doors could not be excluded. Today you can choose among many materials, colors, styles, and designs according to your budgets and personal needs. Most contemporary doors are made with high tech security systems that can prevent accidents and burglaries. Regardless of your choices, the most important thing is picking the right garage door company for your services. The technicians of Garage Door Repair Maple Ridge can consult you prior of buying a new garage door, install your wood or aluminum garage doors, and cover your garage door services.

One of the first priorities of the people and authorities of British Columbia is balancing between the industrial development and the protection of the environment. In Maple Ridge we manage to cope with this controversial prospective through forestry and agriculture since we live in an abundant natural environment.

Garage doors work very hard every day and the garage door parts need regular maintenance in order to keep up their good work. Our repair company gives attention to springs and the garage door opener since they are the most vital parts of the garage door. The technicians will also fix the damaged cables, which are also very significant parts because garage door cable loose means poor performance of the door.

Garage Door Repair Maple Ridge will let you know about quotes and time of work required for each garage door repair and our technicians will never delay their appointments. We acknowledge that garage doors are responsible not only for your security, but also the insulation of your home and saving on natural resources and energy. It doesn’t matter if you have glass garage doors or steel garage doors; it doesn’t matter if you have overhead garage door problems or need garage door opener replacement; whatever the problem of whatever type of door, we can save you time and money.